CuraGel® Hpmc

CuraGel® Hpmc is a truly high viscosity solution containing a new formula of 2.0% or 2.4% Plus High Viscosity concentration medical grade hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in 2.0ml pfs. Its high viscosity and elastic behaviour gives it unique rheological properties to assure maintaining of anatomical spaces of the anterior segment during ophthalmic procedures.
The viscosity of this product has been adjusted to provide the highest possible zero shear rate viscosity while allowing unrestricted manipulation during surgery.
CuraGel® Hpmc is available in 2.0% and 2.4% Plus High Viscosity in double pouch and blister packaging.
CuraGel® Hpmc is vacuum filled and supplied including a high quality 23G Sterimedix cannula.

  • Has outstanding optical clarity
  • Vacuum filled
  • Does not provoke inflammatory or immunogenic reactions
  • Can easily be removed by irrigation and aspiration
  • Is easy to use: no membranes to puncture
  • Is free of conservation additives